Lt. Parr Hooper.
Lt. Parr Hooper.

This site provides access to the letters written home by Parr Hooper (1892-1918) during his training and combat service as a pilot during World War I. The letters are currently available both as a standard electronic book (EPub3) and as a Kindle book (.mobi format).

The letters are also available on the Web.

The ebook

Somewhere in France: The World War I Letters of Lieutenant Parr Hooper, American Pilot in the RFC/RAF, edited by Marian Sperberg-McQueen. Privately published, 2016.


We plan to make the book available in one or more ebook stores as soon as time permits. That will simplify the task of downloading the book, but may involve charging for the book. Currently, the ebook is available only from this site; that means we can offer it free, but it does make the download more complicated than some readers may be used to. We hope for your patience and perseverance.


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