From Parr’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book:

6–D–17 P.M. 2:30–3:35 Wind direction and Velocity. S.W. [Maurice Farman] B–2022 Solo Height 1600′ Course. Aerodrome Remarks. 3 Figure Eights, Volplane From 1600′ to 600′, 3 Landings Ticket in Royal Aero Club.

Parr’s satisfaction with his performance this afternoon is expressed in his underlining the words “Ticket in Royal Aero Club.” Qualifying for an RAC certificate or “ticket” in the 1910s involved two flights of specified distance flown in figure eights and one of specified altitude, as well as precisely controlled landings.173 Before the R.F.C. began flight instruction, the RAC provided the only means to achieving a pilot’s license in Britain, and it continued to play an important role in training and qualifying pilots in World War I. But the need for pilots meant that the “hurdle of ‘taking one’s ticket’ was absorbed into a training programme operated exclusively by the RFC, with pupils being tested for their RAC brevet by their RFC instructors.”174 As far as I can tell, Parr did not actually fill out the form (and send the check) that would have gained him an actual Royal Aero Club certificate.