From Parr’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book:

3:00 to 4:30 May 14, 1918 Wind Direction and Velocity. NW 20 Viper SE5 B170 Solo Height. 15000 Beauvois Airdrome. St. Pol and Hesdin. Seeing the country.

Parr’s plane, B170, was among the S.E.5a’s from one of the earliest production contracts for this plane, placed with Martinsyde in February 1917.422 However, it was apparently not actually delivered to the Expeditionary Force (i.e., flown to the aircraft reception park at Marquise) until March 20, 1918. It was assigned to No. 32 Squadron in early April, 1918.423

11:15 to 12:40 May 15.18 S 10 B170 17000 St. Pol, Savy, Doullens. [Seeing the country].

4:45 to 6:30 May 15, 18 S 10 B170 15000 Offensive Patrol. Albert, Bapaume, Douai. Leader Visard [sic]. 1st Patrol over Hun Trenches.

The patrol leader was Harold Charles Vizard, born in 1894 in Cheltenham Gloucestershire, initially a cadet in the Officers’ Training Corps of the 28th London Regiment (Artists’ Rifles) before transferring to the R.F.C. in May 1917. He joined 32 squadron on November 30, 1917.424