From Parr’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book:

6:20 to 8:30 22 My 18, AM. 15 E B170 Solo 18000 Nieuport & Ypres. Escorted DH4 Home.

7:35 to 9:30 23 My 18, AM S B170 Solo 16000 Lens & LaBassie No Huns. Clouds. Thick mist homeward. DH4 safe.

The DH4 was a two-seater biplane designed by Geoffrey de Havilland for Airco (The Aircraft Manufacturing Company) specifically for bombing. It was being used in the spring of 1918 by Nos. 25 and 27 Squadrons, which, along with No. 32 Squadron, were part of the 9th wing of IX Brigade.446

Parr’s activity this day was typical of No. 32 Squadron at this time: “The Squadron settled down to a pattern of escorting bombing formations, pilots typically flying one or two patrols a day depending on the weather.”447