Somewhere in France: The WWI letters of Lt. Parr Hooper

About this Web Edition

This web edition was created in December 2016. The original text was prepared in WordPerfect and exported to XHTML; XSLT stylesheets were used to create the Web pages from the WordPerfect export. In December, 2019, some typographic errors were corrected and some notes were updated with new information; further updates were made in May, 2023.

The photos were scanned by the editor using an Epson V600 Photo Scanner; for this electronic book the scans were converted to 800px JPEG images using ImageMagick software.

Future corrections and revisions to this edition will be made available from the web site Higher-quality versions of the images from this book will also be made available there.

The text is set (in web browsers which support web fonts) in the font Old Standard TT, by Alexey Kryukov, under the SIL Open Font License.

The letter of Parr Hooper are also available in ebook form (using the EPub3 and .mobi formats) from the web site mentioned above.