Other photos

O.S.U. S.M.A. students from Maryland.
Parr Hooper’s mother sent him this clipping from the Baltimore Evening Sun of August 7, 1917 (not August 17, as she mistakenly writes). As far as I know, Hooper was not able to send her an original of the photo taken by Frederick Joseph Seligman, and I have also not been able to locate one. Five of the sixteen men pictured, Chapin [not Chaper], Hooper, Martz, Stier, and Young, became members of the second Oxford detachment. Perhaps the caption was written for another photo of the men standing and sitting in a different order, as the identifications, in the case of men who can otherwise be identified, do not match.  The men named in the caption are from the O.S.U. S.M.A. classes of August 4 (Bratton, Buffington, Butler, Ewing, Prem, Turnbull ), 11 (Amick, Harding), 18 (Joyce, Swartzell), and 25 (Chapin, Hooper), and September 1 (Martz, Young) and 8 (Beauchamp [not Beamkamp]).
        Those who can be definitely identified are:
Back row: Arthur Hammond Amick, Jr., 2nd from left. Hugh Douglas Stier, 3rd from left. Temple Nash Joyce, 2nd from right.
Front row: Parr Hooper 2nd from left. Allison Henderson Chapin 2nd from right.
       Tentative identifications:
Edward Everett Butler in the middle of the front row.
Lowell Shuster Harding on left in front row (or possibly on right of back row).
Roy Edwin Martz on left of middle row.
Lewis Ferdinand Turnbull on right of middle row.
Lewis McComas Young, middle of middle row.
Frank Herbert Prem and Howard Bratton are contenders for the man at right end of front row and the man third from right in the back row.
      I have not been able to locate photos of Oliver Thomas Beauchamp, John Frederick Buffington, Lewis Root Ewing, or Henry Rodley Swartzell for comparison and matching.
Vincent Paul Oatis, Chester Albert Pudrith, and George Orrin Middleditch
This photo of Oatis, Pudrith, and Middleditch was kept by Joseph Raymond Payden. Judging from the men’s uniforms (ties, and campaign hat visible on the far right) and the brick building in the background, I suspect this was taken while the men were at ground school at the University of Illinois. From p. 27 of Payden, J.R.: Joseph R. Payden, 1915-1925, courtesy of Joan Payden.
Spalding and La Guardia
Albert Spalding (whose last name was often misspelled “Spaulding”) and Fiorello La Guardia, in a photo reproduced on p. 300 of the November 1918 issue of Air Power.
Dwyer and Adeley at Oxford
Geoffrey James Dwyer and Gerald Graham Adeley at Oxford, in a photo from Joseph Kirkbride Milnor’s photo album.
Men at the pilots pool, Rang-du-Fliers, France, the second week of June 1918
This photo of “Pilots on trench detail” at Rang du Fliers from John Chadbourn Rorison’s photo album has been reproduced from p. 43 of Doyle, “War Birds Pictorial.”
      In the front row, from left to right: John Marion Goad, Leonard Joseph Desson (?), Reuben Lee Paskill, Thomas John Herbert, unidentified, Clair Rutherford Oberst, unidentified. I believe the identification of Desson is mistaken, as he was already with a squadron in June.
      Back row: Alex Miguel Roberts, Paul Stuart Winslow, unidentified, unidentified, Frank Kinloch Read; remainder unidentified.
      I have not been able to locate Rorison’s original album and photos. My thanks to the League of WW 1 Aviation Historians for permission to reproduce this.
American officers, prisoners of war, at Karlsruhe
Standing, left to right: Harold Hatch Gile, William Hazel Plyler, Blanchard Ball Battle, and Burr Watkins Leyson. Seated, left to right: Joseph Frederick Williamson and Edward Victor Isaacs. “U.S. Prisoners in Germany” retrieved from the Library of Congress, https://www.loc.gov/item/2017668088/.
American aviation officers, prisoners of war, at Landshut in the autumn of 1918.
This photo, with the men identified by their last names and the note “Taken by Mr. Pastor,” appears in a diary kept by Zenos Ramsey Miller, now in the Smithsonian Institution. The men are: 1. Harry Carvill Lewis 2. Robert George Browning 3. William Sturtevant Gardner Kidder 4. George Henry Ratterman 5. Burr Watkins Leyson 6. Harold Archibald MacChesney 7. James Norman Hall 8. George Wright Puryear 9. Zenos Ramsey Miller 10. Bryan Mann Battey 11. Harold Hatch Gile 12. Ralph A. Floyd (Ralf) 13. William Hazel Plyler 14. Robert Fulton Raymond 15. Caxton Harold Tichenor 16. Carlyle Seeds Rhodes 17. Herbert Dix Smith 18. Edwin Russell Albertson 19. Joseph Frederick Williamson 20. Blanchard Ball Battle 21. James Edward Duke. Hall’s copy of the photo is preserved in the collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society; Puryear’s in the Tennessee State Library & Archives. The above photo is Smithsonian Institution Archives Image # NASM 9A11802-086_087
American air service officers, prisoners in Germany, at Landshut in September 1918.
A photo from Presenting the Experiences of Air Service Officers who were Prisoners of War in Germany; it appears after p. 131, which . Horace Palmer Wells is second from the left in the back row; Alexander Miguel Roberts is third from left. Copies of this photo were also kept by Zenos Ramsey Miller (front row, second from left) in his diary now at the Smithsonian , and George Wright Puryear (not in photo) in his album now at the Tennessee State Library & Archives.
Jesse Frank Campbell and other men from Albion College who served in WWI.
A photo of seven men in uniform, four standing and three seated.
This photo of Jesse Frank Campbell with other Albion College men who served in World War I was taken about 1919. The photo belongs to Jesse Campbell’s grandson, Duncan Campbell, and I am grateful to him for permission to reproduce it here. The men are, standing, left to right: Murray Fox, Russell Kenaga, Robert O. Crosthwaite, and Harry Merritt. Seated are, left to right: Ernest V. Hartman, Jesse Frank Campbell, and Joseph A. Baldwin. The identifications are based on a similar photo (“Albion’s commissioned Officers”) on p. 62 (identifications on p. 63) of the 1919 Albion College yearbook (Ye Albonian).